Thursday, October 17, 2013

Halloween: A Creative's Favorite Holiday! {Part 1}

I love the holidays... I bet you'd be hard pressed to find a party planner who doesn't! But there is something I LOVE especially about Halloween. Call it my religious Halloween-repressed youth now coming out to play ... or just call it imagination- but Halloween has definitely become my favorite holiday! Any time I have a chance to spark the ol' imagination by creating handmade costumes I am one happy momma!

When my son Cormac was born my love of Halloween moved up a level: The Family Costume- something we've come to perfect!

I thought I would take some time out while I'm in crazy Halloween 2013 costume mode to take a walk down memory lane starting in 2009 when I was new to Orcutt and had made some friends who suggested we start an annual tradition of taking our kids (and my belly with a kid inside) to The Avila Barn Pumpkin Patch. We have been every year since and I cherish our photos of growing families and memories galore.

Last year we combined our efforts with our family-best-friends The Henry's and came up with the ultimate DUAL FAMILY COSTUME: O'Henry Circus Addition (remember, we're the O'Briens). This was especially fun because we had 2 foreign exchange students living with us who had never experienced Halloween before. Needless to say we included them in our family costume and they loved it!

Enjoy and hopefully you'll get some inspiration for this year!

xo Party or Die xo

Halloween 2008

Halloween 2009

Halloween 2010

Halloween 2011

Halloween 2012

 Halloween 2013...
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  1. Your husband is killing me! I’m cracking up at his pose with the popped leg in his bearded woman costume.

    1. Oh, I know- he was a little TOO in to that costume, lol...

  2. Wow! you are so creative! glad that I saw this post I can get idea with it. I hope you can share more creatives in the future. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Creative Post!I also happy to see this post.I can get idea with it.Thanks for share this.

  4. Great Pictures!!! I think you really enjoued.I'm glad to see your post.Thanks for posting.


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